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Domenico Caraceni

Tailor-made art and the highest quality are the two elements that have always characterized the history of the brand. The brand is 100% Made in Italy and takes its inspiration from its founder Domenico Caraceni, known for tasteful clothing. Today, Caraceni's descendants still work as tailors in Milan. However, the brand name was taken over in 1998 by Gianni Campagna, a disciple of Caraceni who continues his master's works in his spirit. The refinement of fashion and the tradition of craftsmanship are reflected in the fragrance creations of both.

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Domenico Caraceni

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Domenico Caraceni's Milan branches

Today there are several companies that operate under the name "Caraceni". The original store is in a small location in Rome with a very small staff. It is run by Tommy and Giulio Caraceni, nephews of Domenico. In Milan there are three stores, all founded by offshoots of the relatives, one of which even claims to be the "real Caraceni". However, those in the know consider A. Caraceni, currently run by Mario Caraceni (Augusto's son), to be the best of the Milan branches. These suits are called "Bench Bespoke", which means that they are made individually by hand according to a pattern drawn specifically for each individual customer.

Customized wisdom and unparalleled quality

Sartoria Domenico Caraceni is known worldwide for its excellent craftsmanship and for many important personalities who have worn its creations since 1913. Gianni Campagna, who was once an apprentice at Sartoria Domenico Caraceni in Milan, took over the Sartoria Domenico Caraceni label in 1998. Under this name, his company produces expensive suits made to measure in Palazzo Bernasconi in Milan. This company is separate from and not affiliated with the other Caraceni made-to-measure studios in Rome and Milan.

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Meet the Creator

Domenico Caraceni, "father of Italian tailoring," founded his eponymous Italian company in Rome in 1913. By the 1930s, Domenico and his family already had branches in Rome and Milan - his brother Augusto ran one in Paris. Caraceni designed elegant clothes for the nobility and celebrities - for example, Tyrone Power, Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Agnelli, Sophia Loren and the designer Valentino Garavani.