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Gritti Venetia is an expression of ancient art that Alvise Gritti investigated with zeal in the 16th century. The brand is based on the experiences he had while traveling between Venice and Constantinople. He was a noble merchant and diplomat who witnessed intrigues and surprising discoveries. Gritti desired to immortalize his emotions in something light and impermanent. This is how fragrance images were created, using precious ingredients. Gritti Venetia is now a family-run perfume house led by Luca Gritti, the niche perfumery's rebel. He is the creative mind behind the fragrances, which are strong, bold, and completely unique.

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The radiant joy of bergamot paves the way for the sensual enticements of a rose with its enveloping, fine and sublime fragrance in the heart note. Their magnificent petals exude flatteringly fragrant passion. Harmoniously combined with the notes of the blackcurrant, the stimulating fragrance promises the wonder of the highest elegance on the skin, whereby the delicate moss and patchoulian sounds give it its distinctiveness and attraction.

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Stories from Venice

The Gritti family is a traditional Venetian family that has been doing grandiose work in the fragrance industry since the 16th century. Their history is intertwined with traders from all over the world because they are located on the Silk Road. They had the luxury of always being the first to acquire exceptional and rare raw materials from around the world. As a result, they were able to be inspired by the world's infinite vastness and diversity.

A touch of creativity and tradition

They were always looking for new ideas, even at home, so the exotic ingredients are used to tell the story of their own Venetian celebrations. It's like hearing about Venetian experiences from someone who has traveled through the region. The vocabulary of a visitor to the area lends a distant and thus very interesting touch to the old familiar.

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Meet the Perfumer

Luca Gritti's passion and long experience with perfumes have led him into the world of niche fragrances. Initially a successful producer of designer perfume brands, he launched Gritti Venetia in 2009, revolutionizing the perfume business. He counts on a high selection of raw materials and attention to every detail - from the handmade caps of the White Collection to the velvet boxes of Gritti Privé.