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Orlov Paris

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Orlov De Young Red

Orlov Paris

The most beautiful red diamond - this is probably De Young Red by Orlov! An association of woods, musk, as well as citric notes such as bergamot and tangerine. The fragrance also scores due to the rare combination of amber, pink and black pepper - but also notes of rose and raspberry. Orlov created a creative explosion of carefully selected ingredients.

What is behind the fragrance De Young Red?

The young red of the Place Vendôme Collection by ORLOV. This perfume is based on a feel-good formula that contains citrus fruits, rose and jasmine. A beam of amber and musk attracts the energy. An electrifying color that conjures up maximum vitality. A wonderful all-rounder with sensational durability and sillage - created by Shyamala Maisondieu.

The ORLOV Paris brand

ORLOV Paris was founded by Ruth & Thomas Méaulle, who have always had a passion for high-quality fragrances and gemstones. Ruth is a certified expert in diamond classification at HRD Antwerp. In 2015, while Ruth was working on her new jewelry line, she had laid a gemstone. Thomas later found the jewel on her desk, hidden under a perfume box. This was a sign for them and so together they founded the perfume house ORLOV – an abbreviation of the words "Our Love".   You can find out more about the brand and the fragrances here.

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