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By Nicolas Frank

Umberto Nobile never wanted to be oppressed by the environment, but instead always enjoyed his life to the fullest. That is why, in 1942, in the midst of the raging war, he made the decision to start his own business – Nobile in 1942.
Umberto loved the beauty of his Rome and had a strong passion for noble and rare essences. In the meantime, the company is run by his nephew, who shares this passion. The essences that make the perfumes so unique are obtained directly on site, because at Nobile 1942 it is important that everything comes directly from a single source and that no long production chains are created that reduce the quality of the perfumes.

The Terenzis are actually all perfumers and also Tiziana Terenzi is not unknown. The company is already in its third generation and every perfumer in this family has its own leadership. Tiziana loves luxury and valuable details, which is why her bottles will be so opulent and exquisite. In addition, their fragrance creations like to capture the moment when you wish he could stay longer with you.

The Gritti family is one of the classics from Venice who have been doing a great job in the fragrance industry since the 16th century. Situated on the Silk Road, its history is linked to traders from all over the world. They were always one of the first to come up with extraordinary raw materials and were thus able to be inspired by the inexhaustible breadth and diversity of our world. But also the homeland is not neglected and so one quickly finds oneanother at the fascinating Venetian festivals.

near Histoire de Parfums biographies are filtered in fine and elegant processes and bottled in standard bottles. All you need to read is your nose. But it’s not just about people, it’s also about books, music, so are operas. The world is full of stories worth reading. In literature it is said that nothing has not been written before and thus everything written can only be a copy. This is perhaps a reflection. Because no one has written with their noseyet.

With so much history, I always get the urge to dig directly deeper into the exciting stories, because I want to know more. Are you doing the same? Then jump on our catalog and find your new favorites.

Have fun on the journey into the past

Your Tatjana