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A.N. Other was born out of a belief that there’s a purer way to craft and sell luxury fragrances. A way that makes signature scents accessible by investing in what goes into the bottle, not what goes inside the pages of a glossy magazine. No expensive boutiques or lavish adverts. Just Parfum grade scents created from the finest ingredients and sold directly to the people that love them.

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best selling product

Exceptional Craftmanship

A radical proposition to the most exciting perfumers worldwide: an invitation to create without constraints. Dozens of submissions pour in from award-winning perfumers, each scent crafted with unrestricted creative freedom and using the finest, most luxurious ingredients. For each launch, only one perfume is selected, produced in small batches precisely as originally envisioned.

No rules. No limits. No nonsense.

Brands spend a disproportionate amount of money on marketing and gimmicks, leaving only a small budget for the product itself. A. N. OTHER is different. We have a crystal-clear focus on what's inside the bottle. Everything else is stripped back to the barest essentials. The confidence to spend less on nonsense lets us invest more in exceptional craftsmanship and extraordinary ingredients.

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Meet the Creator

The brand was founded in 2016 by Ariella Appelbaum and represents a real paradigm shift in the perfume industry. While other brands spend a lot of money on marketing and leave little for the actual product, it was important to the founder to set a clear focus on what really matters: the fragrance.