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Acqua Alpes

The secret of Acqua Alpes is hidden between the Alps' pristine peaks. There is crystal clear water flowing, which reveals the exquisite natural essences. As a result, a collection of one-of-a-kind perfumes is created using cutting-edge formulas and highly exclusive ingredients. Acqua Alpes was thus conceived in the midst of nature. The fragrances of Acqua Alpes are mysterious, natural, and pure. What makes the perfumes so special is the pure mountain water that seeps up from the pristine depths of the Alps. This special water is used as the basic element for the Acqua Alpes fragrances, making them unique.

The best selling product of this brand.


Acqua Alpes

best selling product

Tyrolean Alps are breathtaking.

"Lara and Daniel have hiked through an area that has a strong pull on them. They adore the deep blue sky, the wonderfully fresh air provided by the glaciers, and the pure high mountain water that flows through flowering meadows. They wanted to transfer these unique sensations to their fragrance creations. "

The Alpes secret

Innsbruck's first perfume manufactory Acqua Alpes captures the scent of the Alps like no other. The indescribable feeling of vastness among the mountain massifs stems from the scent typical of the place, in which the clear water from Innsbruck flows. It forms the basis of all their fragrances and shows the closeness to the homeland of this particular company. The mountain peaks of Acqua Alpes' aesthetic logo combine as if by magic in a single drop that reflects its essence.

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Meet the Perfumer

Acqua Alpes' fragrance development is overseen by a trio of founders. Daniel and Benjamin Deutsch are brothers who studied business administration together. Lara, a pharmacist, completes the founding trio and lends her expertise to the siblings. Everything is in the hands of the brothers, from the initial concept to distribution. Their perfumes are made according to pre-existing recipes and are constantly perfected. They only use natural and exclusive fragrance essences for this purpose.