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Creating an exceptional, high-quality luxury perfume that stands out from the crowd is a delicate and challenging task. Under the direction of Emmanuel Roche, France's most experienced master perfumers team up at Aemium to create luxury fragrances that are olfactory works of art. Only the highest quality raw materials are used, along with sensitivity and empathy. The fragrance can be experienced at leisure and in a relaxed environment with an exclusive sample, as well as on one's own skin. As a matter of fact, the noble luxury perfume has become a new favorite fragrance.

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Aemium Innocence in a Scent


Innocence in a Scent from the house of Aemium is a sweet-powdery luxury perfume that shines with floral, creamy, and fruity notes. With fresh nuances that combine with delicate notes, the result is an olfactory feel-good experience that lingers in pleasant memory. The fascinating fragrance writes its own story: it is about innocence, curiosity, love, and the desire to exceed one's own limits and savor life with all its facets. The extravagant aroma of the unisex perfume fires the imagination and caresses the soul. It is suitable for all seasons and can wrap its wearer in a mysterious, almost magical aura both at work and at leisure. Innocence in a Scent opens this luxurious composition with the top notes of invigorating bergamot, aromatic peach, almond, and spicy pink pepper. In the heart, Moroccan Iris Butter, ambrette seeds, rose, coconut and powdery notes nestle in the extravagant fragrance experience. Nuances of Virginia cedar, New Caledonian sandalwood, vanilla, and tonka bean round out the perfume in the base and give it its intensity, warmth, and depth here. The attractive lightweight glass bottle is charmingly reminiscent of an old apothecary jar, adding a touch of nostalgia to the profound fragrance.

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Impressive luxury fragrances that stimulate the imagination and invite you to dream

Blooming Summer, on the other hand, is a sweet floral luxury fragrance that evokes a dreamy sunset on a balmy summer evening - an invitation to sit back and relax. Rouge Confidence appeals to the self-confidence of its wearers. With woody-leathery nuances, this fine perfume is an olfactory feel-good experience. Hespereden captivates with its fresh-citrusy chords that exude pure joie de vivre. Nova Espero impresses with its sweet-spicy orientation and a profound fragrance character, which comes into its own particularly well in the cooler seasons. Silence des Calanques is a floral-sweet fragrance creation with aquatic and fresh tones for deserved attention. Elixiris is a glamorous perfume that scores with fruity and sweet fragrance elements and remains in pleasant memory. All these perfumes are united by above-average durability and intense sillage.

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Creating an exceptional, high-quality luxury perfume that clearly stands out from the mainstream is a delicate and challenging task. At Aemium, France's most experienced master perfumers work together under the direction of Emmanuel Roche to create luxury fragrances that are olfactory works of art. Only the finest raw materials are combined with sensitivity and a great deal of empathy. With an exclusive sample, the fragrance can be experienced at leisure and in a relaxed atmosphere, and experienced on one's own skin. This ensures that the noble luxury perfume qualifies as a new favorite fragrance.

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Emmanuel Roche founded Aemium in the late 2000s in the perfume city of Grasse, France. His vision: every luxury perfume he designed should contain pure, unadulterated and sustainably sourced raw materials - the finest perfume oils and noblest essences from organic cultivation. He wanted to prove that opulent, generous luxury can indeed be combined with ecological aspects. The concept: "Luxury perfumes en naturelle". He sources all raw materials directly from France, and the flacon and packaging are recyclable. He uses wood, lightweight glass and cork, but does not use any plastics at all. Every luxury perfume from his house is vegan, free of artificial or chemical additives and is even certified according to the strict COSMOS standard. So it almost goes without saying that Roche also refrains from animal testing. Aemium makes it possible to enjoy luxury without a guilty conscience - every day.