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Aether was founded in 2016 and adheres to an entirely new concept of perfume craftsmanship. The emphasis is on synthetic molecules in this case. Aether takes us on a journey into the smallest of things, showing us great things by taking us down unfamiliar paths, away from natural essences. The conceptual brand offers creations that can be mixed and matched to create something new. Aether respects its creators and synthetics.molecules as the "rush of chemistry." The elemental molecules explode into unique abstraction - into something beautiful, strange.

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Citrus Ester opens up wit a blast of lemon and rhubarb. Very beautiful scent for those who like to smell fresh and a little bit sweet. Perfect for spring summer and is very office friendly. Great unisex scent!

Citrus Ester


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Surprise, dazzle and art

Aether is a tribute to synthetic molecules and the madness of chemistry by its creators. The brand demonstrates that deviating from distilled fragrance essences can be a true sensory delight. Aether is a chemical reaction that sparks the imagination and heals hearts that have been dissatisfied with the sameness of bottles and the perfume industry's shift to the mass market.

The modern pharmacopoeia for adventurous souls

Aether - this powerful word conjures up a plethora of associations and immediately piques one's interest. This brand does not actually make a reference to Greek mythology, though it most likely flirts with it in a knowing way. Aether was the quintessence for Aristotle. This is exactly what the experimental brand strives for with each new creation.

Meet the Perfumer

Under the artistic direction of Nicolas Chabot, perfumers Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel have created a one-of-a-kind collection. A treat for the skin and soul, hypnotic perfumes, and imaginative settings where everything is delightfully extravagant. Chabot wanted to pay tribute to the synthetic molecules. He is the owner and "innovator" of Le Galion, a venerable traditional French brand that many consider to be the polar opposite of Aether conceptually.