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“Creation must always go hand in hand with passion” is the motto of this unique fragrance brand. AFFINESSENCE creates perfumes for all those who let their senses and their heart speak. The fragrances are intended to be emotional experiences that transport the wearer into a world of memories and feelings. Each perfume is an invitation to close your eyes, follow your instincts and feel your way into the masterfully composed notes.

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The courage to innovate: the Base Notes Collection

In 2015, AFFINESSENCE set a new milestone with the launch of the Base Notes Collection. This collection was born from a long-held vision to combine the boldness of a “base-focused” perfume line with the highest quality. The brand wanted to take its passion and conviction to a new level, creating a collection that embodies innovation and excellence. In this artistic project, AFFINESSENCE combines creativity with deep meaning and a genuine connection to the brand philosophy. The Base Notes Collection stands for the courage to create something unique while maintaining the highest standards.

Intensity and longevity thanks to exclusive raw materials

The beauty of the brand lies in its focus on base notes, which are known for their intensity and longevity. Exclusive raw materials such as Mysore sandalwood and basmati rice result in fragrances that can be worn alone or used as layering fragrances. With creations such as SANTAL-BASMATI, CUIR-CURCUMA and CÈDRE-IRIS, Affinessence offers incomparable, sensual fragrance experiences. These perfumes are perfect for discerning fragrance lovers who appreciate luxury and individuality.

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Meet the Creator

The founder of AFFINESSENCE, Sophie Bruneau, has a deep and passionate connection to fragrances that runs through her entire life. Even as a child, she was magically drawn to the world of perfume, which was reflected in her collection of fragrance samples and advertisements. With 25 years of experience in the perfume and cosmetics industry, Sophie has built an unrivaled reputation. As Marketing Director for well-known brands, she has been instrumental in the creation, development and launch of numerous perfumes and cosmetic products. In 2013, she realized her dream and founded AFFINESSENCE. The company embodies her olfactory expertise and passion and, in addition to fragrances, offers high-quality marketing strategies and comprehensive fragrance consultations.