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Alex Simone

Alex Simone, founded in 2016 in Monte Carlo, embodies the neo-retro spirit inspired by the French Riviera's secret elegance. Enchanting gardens with palm trees, stunning rocky cliffs, lemon trees with colorful foliage, and fragrant rose and jasmine fields. Alex Simone is dedicated to preserving local resources, particularly the Lemon of Menton, because he believes that fruit growth requires patience and passion. They are helping the Gannac family's great project by sponsoring the planting of 150 lemon trees on the grounds of La Maison du Citron. This is how this incredible citrus fruit is brought back to life.

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En Terrasse

Alex Simone

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From Monte Carlo with Love

Jean Denis Saisse created a very special perfume series in 2016. Six new creations that capture his favorite moments on the French Riviera, such as opening the windows and allowing the scents of the blooming garden to fill the house. A delectable fruitcake on the sunny terrace, or dinner with fine ladies, with the promise of more to come. The family legacy is now carried on by the fifth generation of perfumers, thanks to Saisse.

The French Riviera

Alex Simone essences are created at the mysterious Domaine de Saint Blanche on the outskirts of Grasse. This was the former home of legendary perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. A particularly modern approach from a historically rich location that serves as a unique source of inspiration and captures the brand's identity on the French Riviera.

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Meet the Perfumer

Alex Simone's founder and owner, Eric Rousseau, moved to the French Riviera twenty years ago and fell in love with the incredible landscape. It eventually became the primary source of inspiration for his brand. He used the brand name to honor his grandparents. Indeed, he associates his first olfactory experience with his grandparents, Alexandre and Simone.