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Arte Profumi

Arte Profumi is a remarkable niche label that specializes in the creation of exclusive premium fragrances. These perfumes, which were created with modern art as their inspiration, have a scent that captures the elegance of sculptures and the vivid hues of paintings created by a wide range of well-known artists. The goal is not to take everything in at a single glance; rather, it is to give the artwork some time to sink in while paying attention to the details. Arte Profumi engages its customers in a creative exercise by creating perfumes that stimulate their imagination. Because each fragrance carries its own unique identity, each perfume eventually develops into its very own piece of artwork and tells its very own unique tale.

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Arte Profumi

best selling product

Arte Profumi perfumes: stylish, elegant and distinctive.

Sucre Noir is a gourmand-sweet women's fragrance that exudes pure passion and sensuality with its floral influences. Bois Sacre, on the other hand, is a woody-resinous men's fragrance that is best worn in the fall and winter months due to its intensity and heaviness. Parfum D'Aube is an aromatic unisex fragrance that promises a rush for the senses with its notes of caro carounde, tiare, amber and leather. With a warm and floral-spicy orientation, L'Étoile puts its wearer in the deserved spotlight. Lighthearted and with a wonderful lightness, Jardin de Giverny invites ladies to enjoy life and savor love.

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To give a new scent its distinctive character, one needs not only a sensitive nose but also the experience and training of a skilled perfumer. The creation of a luxury fragrance by Arte Profumi is a task that requires finesse and a sense of responsibility. Craftsmanship and a pronounced capacity for empathy are combined with only the purest essences and most aristocratic oils. It is possible to get close to one's new favorite fragrance and test its effect in relative tranquility if one has access to an exclusive fragrance sample.

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Arte Profumi is a family-owned and -operated company that was established by Michele Iannone, his sister Mariagrazia, and Iannone's wife Monica. Before the three of them made the decision in 2013 to launch their own label and fragrance line onto the market, each of them had already established themselves as experts in the field of perfumes. The creative impulses that are sparked by different masters' works of art from different eras can be found all over the world. Every single high-end fragrance that is sold by the perfume house Arte Profumi is considered to be an individual work of art.