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Beso Beach

Beso Beach is a philosophy of life that celebrates the incomparable feeling of beach life. The brand embodies the sun, the sand and the pure joy of life. They are the essence of people who see themselves firmly anchored in the sand, always bearing in mind that besos (kisses) are much more than just a beginning. These kisses drive the brand to continue its exciting journey - a journey that has just begun.

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Beso Dorado

Beso Beach

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A symbol of pure joy and fine art

The perfumes of this brand take us on an unforgettable journey, an oasis where magic, dance and joy are in the air. Here you can feel the essence of a vibrant and Mediterranean world. Each bottle contains the art and skill of great perfumers who have understood how to capture the unmistakable spirit of Beso Beach. Their creations include the vibrant atmosphere of this unique place where joy never ends and life is celebrated in all its facets.

Social and environmental responsibility

From the beginning, the brand has been committed to helping those who need it most and supports various projects that promote social and environmental causes. The belief in people who are passionate about making the world a better place is at the heart of these efforts. For this reason, the goal is to contribute each year and support two established charitable organizations.

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Meet the Creators

The heart project Beso Beach was born from the joint vision of Rafa Viar and Angie López. Rafa Viar, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of expertise in hospitality and tourism, has already left his mark on renowned businesses in Bilbao, Barcelona, London, the Balearic Islands and Tulum. His pride for Basque culinary arts accompanies him at every turn. Angie López, on the other hand, has had passions for fashion and culinary arts since a young age. Her keen interest in the latest trends in fashion, decoration and design inspired her to travel worldwide and fostered her entrepreneurial spirit. Rafa and Angie's determination and enthusiasm eventually merged into a unique concept that combined fashion, art, gastronomy and catering.