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Bon Parfumeur

An olfactory closet with a highly innovative fragrance concept! Bon Parfumeur brings a truly strong and unique idea, which is already visible in the name: good, beautiful, and ethical perfumes. The awareness of well-done things and transparency are at the heart of this perfume house. A perfumery that lives up to its name. The brand only wants the best for its customers and our planet! They have been committed to this goal since the beginning of their journey: creating ethical products that they can be proud of, knowing exactly where, when, and how they were made.

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Bon Parfumeur

best selling product

Signal variety - Made in France

The fragrances are divided into ten fragrance families, each with its own color code and numbered from 0 to 9. This is visible on the bottle's label as well as the packaging. "Made in France" is not a passing fad for Bon Parfumeur; all of their products are entirely manufactured in France! They are proud to be 100 percent French in the perfume capital of the world!

Naturally beautiful!

Each ingredient is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the highest health and safety standards. The emphasis here is on natural ingredients or, as an alternative, safe synthetic substances. As a result, their perfumes contain at least 82 percent natural ingredients. The brand deliberately and stringently avoids controversial ingredients, dyes, and UV filters. The glass flacons are completely recyclable, as is the packaging, which is made of fresh and recycled pulp and bears the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal. Paper and cardboard are sourced solely from forests that have been managed in a sustainable manner.

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Meet the Perfumer

Ludovic Bonneton began his career as an Internet entrepreneur, where he developed an interest in unusual fragrances. He decided one day to make his own fragrances because no perfume company could meet his requirements. He gathered talented perfumers and desired to constantly rediscover and mix fragrances based on his mood. To feel like a perfumer, he devised an infinite number of fragrances with nine distinct color families.