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Carner Barcelona

Carner Barcelona perfumes uniquely capture the contemporary and dynamic character of the city: the Mediterranean essence, architecture, culture, historical treasures, as well as the carefree philosophy of life. The fragrances are made of essences with a distinctive identity, carefully crafted by true artisans directly in Barcelona - sincere and genuine.

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Carner Barcelona

best selling product

Mediterranean souls of distinctive art

The essence of art, culture and carefree elegance of the Mediterranean permeate the identity of Carner Barcelona. In each fragrance from the brand you can find the quintessence of the Mediterranean atmosphere - a way of life characterized by vitality and renewal.

Barcelona's fragrant masterpieces

The creation of the fragrances, the design and the manufacturing take place in the vibrant setting of Barcelona. In doing so, the brand relies on the skill and dedication of its regional partners to ensure that the perfumes exude the essence of Mediterranean culture.

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Meet the creators

In 2010 Carner Barcelona was born, born from the shared vision of two siblings who unconditionally love their hometown. Sara and Joaquim come from a long line of Spanish leather craftsmen and were taught from childhood the values of superior craftsmanship and the importance of local labor. They have proudly enshrined these values in the cornerstones of Carner Barcelona.