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Commodity is an extraordinary and extremely innovative brand of luxury perfumes of a different kind. The company specializes in exclusive unisex fragrances and impresses with a completely new corporate and market approach. Each fragrance is available in three different variants: Personal, Expressive, and Bold. This allows every woman and man to consider how the fragrance should be perceived. An exciting strategy that reflects the modern zeitgeist and points the way to the future.

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Milk Expressive


best selling product

With a sample that experience the style and character of modern times

Milk captivates with a creamy-sweet orientation complemented with sweet and gourmand elements, very loving and romantic. Due to its intensity and heaviness, this fragrance is perfect in the cooler seasons. Book+ presents itself with green, woody, and smoky notes. Velvet intoxicates the senses with sweet, spicy, and woody-resinous nuances - perfect for the evening, the first romantic date, or festive events. Moss+, on the other hand, is a universally wearable perfume with green, citrus, and fresh aromas. With its sparkling and invigorating notes, it provides a good mood and joie de vivre.

With a sample that experience the style and character of modern times

The goal of Commodity is to make the extraordinary accessible. The art lies in minimalism and the clear line. The flacons of all fragrances are minimalist and stylish in black and white. They are modern perfume creations made of high-quality fragrance components that bear their own signature. Youthful lightness, coupled with the lifestyle of social media, is complemented by soulful, innovative, luxurious, and visionary impulses. With an exclusive fragrance sample, this original and multi-faceted attitude to life can be recreated. The names of the fragrances correspond to things in everyday life. This concept is as distinctive as it is ingenious.

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Brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, Commodity set out to redesign artisanal fragrance to make it more modern and intuitive. In 2019, serial brand builder Vicken Arslanian took over the brand and set out to redesign fragrance once again with Commodity’s Scent Space concept. With Scent Space, fragrance wearers get the luxury of control over their scent and its projection. Each scent is available in 3 Scent Space projections: a softly-projecting Personal skin scent with added light, molecular notes; the original Expressive scent with balanced, unique notes; and a powerhouse Bold scent with added notes of amplification. No more wondering who is or isn’t experiencing your fragrance.