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Close your eyes. You're moving through uncharted territory, encountering the dark elegance of urban life that clashes with rooted traditions. Overcome the fleeting fascination of knowledge. Capture the glance that escapes, the passion that knows how to exceed itself, and face the challenge that conquers fears. Be your own trailblazer, your own avant-garde. Listen to your courage and follow your daring.

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best selling product

The exploration of the unconventional.

Being contemporary is an attitude, living in the here and now, ready to surpass oneself every day. Always ready to run with raised heel. Ready to run. It's like a shot that leaves a trail, like photographs of a significant metropolis. CoSTUME NATIONAL Scents embodies the contemporary in its purest form.

Dive into the stories that tell an imaginary journey.

A journey that began at the dawn of perfumery art, when this niche world was still a concept and accessible only to a small elite. But passion, visions, and dreams transformed utopia into a reality that revolutionized the world of fragrances. Absolutely contemporary, bold, and experimental, culture, fashion, and integration have become the starting and ending point of the brand, always in pursuit of the excellent distinction 'Made in Italy'.

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Costume National Scents was born in 2001 in the fashion heart of the brand created in 1986 by Ennio Capasa, capable of combining the magic of Japanese minimalism with Italian sartorial mastery. A timeless brand that has been marking the olfactory direction of the great artistic perfumery for over twenty years, combining knowledge, passion, and love for the creation of olfactory worlds always capable of making the soul vibrate. A refined and precious blend of natural and rare elements, largely from the prestigious LMR laboratory in Grasse, are the beginning of our creative journey: the spicy character of cardamom, the heart of patchouli, the lustre of mother-of-pearl hibiscus, the mystery of oud wood, the depth of geranium, the demureness of lavender, and then ambergris, oriental rose, rice powder, orange blossom...The seduction of our fragrances reaches evocation before reason.