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Cra-Yon is a perfume luxury brand that celebrates the power of scent to enrich our lives and inspires us to discover new ways to express ourselves and enhance our well-being through fragrance. Founded in 2020 by Christine and Niclas Lydeen, who are pioneers in the fragrance industry in France and Sweden. With years of experience in developing award-winning fragrances in the premium segment, their fascination with the transportive power of scent as enhancers and elevators of our well-being remains unchanged. They firmly believe that the sense of smell is a powerful and subjective sense that can inspire everyone to awaken their nose and make the scent a natural part of their well-being and personal expression. For them, the scent is an invisible superpower that triggers and enhances your presence, capturing moments and inviting you to pause and ask yourself, "How do I want to feel today? How do I want to feel in this moment?" With Cra-Yon, they strive to create fragrances that not only smell beautiful but also elevate your mood and enhance your well-being. Each fragrance is carefully crafted using the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from around the world and made in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality and freshness.

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Art Life


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Perfumes that ignite feelings of joy, curiosity, and positivity.

Continental was created during the worldwide lockdown in 2020 when people yearned for travel and adventure more than ever. This woody fragrance is composed of a unique blend of ingredients, carefully curated in partnership with master perfumer Christian Provenzano, that transports you to another place without leaving your home. Art Life aims to activate your senses, invigorate your energy, and stimulate your creativity with a vibrant composition that features citrus, neroli, and tonka. It feels like stepping into a breezy, sunlit atelier in Marrakech, surrounded by the warm scents of bergamot and fig. Ami Amie is the ultimate invisible best friend, a loyal and uplifting companion with a soft, citrusy aroma that brightens your mood. This fragrance even includes a special treat in the base notes - a hint of chocolate. Fun and whimsical, Ami Amie is infused with the vibrant and colorful spirit of Copenhagen in the springtime, reflecting the city's emphasis on unexpected personal style and expression.

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CRA-YON fragrances aim to spark joy, curiosity, and good feelings. a state of mind more than anything. CRA-YON is dedicated to building a community that is inclusive and inspiring, welcoming everyone to join them on this journey. With its extensive experience in fragrance development and a vast network of producers and suppliers, the brand is passionate about creating a world of well-being and inspiration through scent, one spray at a time.

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Christine has a French background and was educated at Studio Bercot in Paris and has worked at trend agencies such as Li Edelkoort and the fashion house Vivienne Westwood before fragrance became her main form of expression. Niclas has an MFA in Design and has worked as a Creative Director for several brands and design agencies and has also worked artistically with senses and scent as a starting point. Together with their international team, they are building CRA-YON to be a welcoming universe where inspiration and wellbeing take center stage.