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Dali Haute Parfumerie

Dali Haute Parfumerie is a luxury niche brand that interprets the captivating works of Spanish artist Salvador Dali in a unique olfactory style. The classy unisex fragrances sparkle like the jewelry Dali created during the height of his creative career. His scents likewise convey the same deep sentiments as his paintings. Thus, the different scents pay homage to both his love of art and his devoted friend Gala. Each smell is different thanks to Dali's influence, which awakens all the senses equally and leaves a lasting impression.

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Ma Reine

Dali Haute Parfumerie

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An olfactory journey through the modern art of Salvador Dali

Dali Haute Parfumerie's unisex scent Ma Vie, with a floral-spicy focus that honors the joy of life, is undeniably uplifting. On the other hand, Fabulous Bukhara enchants with oriental tones that give the smell a unique depth. Thus, the cooler months are especially suited for this exquisite aroma. The floral-creamy scent Voyage Onirique du Papillon de Vie pampers the nose with sweet and powdery elements for both men and women. Fluidité du Temps Imaginaire dazzles with floral-sweet components and gives an almost magical atmosphere on the wearer. An lovely scent that stimulates the mind. Tian Shan persuades with sweet and woody notes. Both daytime and nighttime attention are provided by Diese's opulent perfume.

With a fragrance tasting in the footsteps of the great Spanish artist Dali

The creation of a noble and distinctive high-end scent for the House of Dali Haute Parfumerie is a very delicate and difficult task that demands for a lot of talent and an adept taste for opulent smell notes. The precious essences and essential oils required to produce a masterpiece with a distinct message can only be combined by expert perfumers with the best noses. Similar to sparkling gems, fragrance notes can be cut, placed, and arranged to form a meaningful piece of jewelry. We provide fragrance samples so that you can personally experience the pleasurable impact of premium and artistic scents. It takes time and effort for such a beautiful perfume to properly develop.

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Meet the Creator

Originally, Jean-Pierre Grivory founded the perfume company Cofinluxe, but as a close friend of Salvador Dali's work, he really wanted to transform his jewelry into magnificent perfumes. When Dali consented and they both signed a contract at the end of 1982, he could hardly believe his good fortune. Dali Haute Parfumerie was borned. Alberto Morillas, one of the most seasoned perfumers, was hired by Grivory. For Kenzo and Calvin Klein, he had already created well-known scents. It was Morillas who meticulously and uniquely infused the premium scents with Dali's imprint. This led to a number of fashionable scent collections over time that are still in use today. Gala is the subject of the collection "Messages Secrets a Gala," which is dedicated to her. Additionally, the scents should be suitable for both men and women to wear, therefore Dali Haute Parfumerie focuses on high-quality unisex perfumes.