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David Jourquin

David Jourquin is a very exclusive niche label for luxurious perfumes that do not follow trends and do not want to set any themselves. These are fragrances from life, which bring feelings and passion to life. All fragrances have one characteristic in common: leather is a component of every composition. The reason for this lies in the childhood of the founder. In his fragrances, he processes impressions that have particularly shaped and influenced him. So they are perfumes with a very personal character.

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Cuir Vénitien

David Jourquin

best selling product

Captivating perfumes that convey a very personal tale

Cuir Solaire captivates with its sweet-leathery orientation. Self-confident yet soulful, romantic yet dynamic - this women's fragrance combines different qualities and blends them into a mosaic of emotions. A concept that works. With Cuir Mandarine, David Jourquin has created an exceptional men's fragrance that refines the individuality of its wearer with earthy and leathery notes. This intense perfume best showcases its wearer in the cooler seasons. This perfume was awarded the "Best New Premium Fragrance Pure Beauty Award" in 2020.

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David Jourquin's perfumes, without exception, bear (his) own signature. Each fragrance reflects a part of his own life, so he lets both men and women share it. His fragrances are an "invitation to an emotional journey to experience the limits of truth". As a result, his compositions are not intended for the masses, they are messages to individualists - authentic, electrifying, unique and unmistakable. With an exclusive fragrance sample, the attitude to life of the exceptional perfumer David Jourquin can be recreated and experienced in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Meet the Creator

David Jourquin is a modest, reserved and equally charismatic, elegant man who has made his passion his profession. He is not interested in decisively influencing the world market of fragrances, but in bringing his own emotions to people. When he founded the company in 2011, it was important for him to present "being" and not "appearances". His perfumes are based on childhood memories - the scent of the leather coat his mother wore when she gave him a kiss and went to work. The smell of the Cuban cigars his father smoked and the aroma of his grandmother, who smelled of the forest and nature. The decisive impulse to create perfumes came from a visit to a market he visited with his stepfather in Guadeloupe. Here, a whole new world revealed itself to him. There he enjoyed the fact that it smelled different in every corner and that a multitude of aromas united to form wonderful compositions.