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Der Duft

Der Duft represents the fusion of modern scent composition and timeless alchemy. This perfume brand stands out with its abstract and provocative approach. Each fragrance tells its own story and is often created in collaboration with extraordinary perfumers. Der Duft aims to raise eyebrows and turn heads with its bold and multi-layered creations, appealing especially to discerning fragrance enthusiasts seeking unique olfactory experiences.

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Der Duft

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A Manifesto of Simplicity

The brand embodies a unique blend of simplicity and complexity. The brand's clear message is evident in its name: "Der Duft" – without unnecessary explanations or complex stories. The fragrances themselves are artistic compositions, often created in collaboration with renowned perfumers. These creations are not only olfactory masterpieces but also manifestations of the founder's vision that each scent creates its own story and association for the wearer.

Innovative and Inspiring

Der Duft is known for its innovative and inspiring fragrance compositions. The brand combines the art of perfume making with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Each perfume is carefully developed not only to impress olfactorily but also to create an emotional resonance. Through collaboration with various renowned perfumers, fragrances are created that convince through both their simplicity and complexity. Der Duft invites wearers to create their own stories and associations with each spritz.

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Meet the Creator

Der Duft was founded by Anselm Skogstad, a German-American artist and photojournalist from Munich. With training at the San Francisco Art Institute and the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he has worked for renowned photographers such as Christopher Makos and David LaChapelle. In 2020, he founded Der Duft to combine his passion for fragrances with his artistic vision. His mission is to highlight the identity and personality of the wearer through minimalist and profound perfumes.