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A British niche fragrance brand that is revolutionizing the world of fragrances with its unique vision. EAU.MG's philosophy is based on the simple principle of being bold. They create fragrances that not only smell great, but also make a statement. They attach great importance to high-quality fragrance oils, talented perfumers and sustainability. The brand is part of the Memoize London family, a collection of creative fragrance brands that offer not only luxurious perfumes, but also innovative designs and thoughtful concepts.

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Modern ingredients and smart compositions

Born in London, EAU.MG nurtures the youthful spirit in each of us. A captivating variety of modern ingredients fuse to create clever fragrance compositions that appeal to a new generation of fragrance lovers. The brand embodies the here and now, but also the future. Behind every creation is not just a fragrance, but an experience that promotes personal development.

Sustainable, affordable niche

At EAU.MG, the fragrances and visual design are not only an expression of strength and uniqueness, but also of a playful, self-confident boldness. Each fragrance tells an individual story and allows customers to express their creativity and personality. EAU.MG combines unconventional ideas with commercial potential and is sustainable and price-conscious to make luxury fragrances more accessible.

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Meet the Creator

Holly Hutchinson, the brand owner, is a source of inspiration for creativity and individuality in the perfume industry. EAU.MG is her latest masterpiece that enriches the world of fragrances with bold colors, unique design and excellent scent combinations. The collection combines visual and olfactory elements and creates an impressive overall experience.