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Ella K

Ella K celebrates all women who want to write their own life stories. These are regarded as heroines in a one-of-a-kind novel about adventure and extravagance. It is dedicated to its feminine source of inspiration: female independence and all assertive, confident women. Ella K is a timeless muse from a faraway land. Sonia Constant, co-founder and perfumer, attended Givaudan's perfumery school, where some of the world's most famous perfumers began their careers. She now works at Givaudan, where she creates perfumes for some of the biggest names in the fragrance industry. Her works have already won numerous international awards and are always popular and well-received.

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Beautiful ethereal fresh tea scent. Very interesting and well composed fragrance. Pleasant to wear to work and lasts long time

Pluie sur Ha Long

Ella K


This fragrance is so beautiful! Peony and rose are well blended making it cozy yet somehow fresh. Very elegant and airy and perfect for warmer months.

Mémoire de Daisen In

Ella K

The best selling product of this brand.

Mélodie d'Altai

Ella K

best selling product

Ella K as imaginary heroine

Ella Maillart, Karen Blixen, and Alexandra David Neel are three historical female explorers. Since their exploits nearly a century ago, they have inspired generations of women. Ella K is one of these women and is considered a fantasy heroine. She is constantly on the lookout for the ultimate journey within, meeting strangers and attempting to discover distant states that exist elsewhere.

Extravagance and adventure

Ella K's exploration knows no bounds when she is free of the constraints of time and space. A precious soul who adores the unknown - without fear or prejudice, and with complete faith in her instinct. She chooses to write her own story, free of the constraints and conventions of others, inspired by the example of her distant ancestors.

Meet the Perfumer

Olivier Gagliardi is a driven and impulsive individual who has never given up on his dreams. He is obsessed with perfume, travel, and photography, and he is extremely curious about everything the world has to offer. He is always on the lookout for something unique, no matter where it may be. His great fortune was the opportunity to meet Ella Maillart. This transformed his life and set him on the path to creating this exciting and unique brand.