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Emil Élise

Emil Élise is an exceptional niche brand specializing in luxurious unisex fragrances. Sassy, atmospheric, strong and far from ordinary, Emil Élise create youthful, modern, cool and casual fragrance creations for women and men who accept every challenge of life with open arms. Freely inspired by the motto "The world belongs to everyone - without rules and boundaries", Emil Élise fragrances are a clear invitation to develop freely, not to subordinate oneself and to boldly go one's own way.

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Bathing in a Daydream

Emil Élise

best selling product

Unlike anyone - perfumes that celebrate individuality

Eating Wherever captivates with sensual vanilla and powerful musk - an appetizing fragrance that awakens cravings. Going Bang, on the other hand, presents itself with notes of incense, various flowers and leather. An exciting perfume that stokes the inner fire and is hard to control. Painting it Sweet fires the imagination with its sweet and seductive notes, stimulates the senses and convinces with an incomparable sex appeal. With the fresh and tangy Dancing on Goosebumps, the name says it all! It's all about forcing electrifying goosebumps moments of life and giving every day a special meaning. Not even the sky itself can set limits here. Hangover Meditation from the house of Emil Élise brings back the balance after boisterous and all-night partying. With citrus influences and warm musk, it has a calming and balancing effect. This fragrance is about gathering new strength to get going again.

Look at life from a different perspective with a fragrance sample

Emil Élise's exclusive fragrances all tell their own story, each evoking a particular mood. Sometimes dynamic, sometimes relaxed, sometimes provocative, the perfumes can be worn by both women and men, because it's not about gender, it's about savoring every moment of life in community. With an exclusive fragrance sample, simply be different from everyone else. Not subordinate, but break out. Not swimming with the masses, but being brave to stand up for yourself. Not to meet the expectations of others, but to grow beyond oneself. Emil Élise creates revolutionary fragrances with clear statements.

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Meet the Squad

Emil Élise is a young, dynamic team from the Ruhr area. In Essen, the creative minds develop luxurious, future-oriented unisex fragrances for young and young-at-heart women and men who want to be different from everyone else. The company is all about emphasizing individuality and presenting itself with self-confidence. It's about breaking rules, trying out the extraordinary and reinventing oneself again and again. Wild, expressive, sexy, dynamic - Emil Élise has set itself the task of reflecting the attitude to life of Generation X and Y (1980 - 2010) in unique, unmistakable perfumes. An exciting time of change, reorientation, rebellion and pure joie de vivre. These fragrances cannot be compared - they have to be experienced for themselves.