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Etat Libre d'Orange

Etat Libre d'Orange is a perfume brand that celebrates the values of freedom and creativity. Their unique approach to developing niche fragrances challenges existing conventions. Powerful, provocative names make them particularly interesting and help the brand to convey its message ironically. The perfumes are not only sensual and seductive, but also subversive. They are made from high-quality, natural raw materials that blend seamlessly with the skin and offer a unique fragrance experience.

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Etat Libre d'Orange

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Fragrances and their individual effect

The brand encourages people to experience the diversity of olfactory experiences first hand. As a brand dedicated to the passion for unique fragrance compositions, it strives to emphasize the individual impact of each perfume. The founding philosophy, guided by the creative vision of Etienne de Swardt, sees fragrances not just as simple scents, but rather as a means of expression for self-expression, love and joie de vivre.

Free from conventions and prejudices

Etat Libre d'Orange invites everyone to explore perfumes in all their depth, without being limited by preconceptions. Its ambition is to show that perfumes offer a creative freedom that takes us beyond traditional norms. The brand explores a wide range of olfactory expressions, emphasizing not only sensual aspects but also integrating subversive and provocative elements.

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Meet the Creator

Etienne de Swardt hails from South Africa and has an interesting journey behind him. Before arriving in Paris, he spent time in the South Pacific in New Caledonia. In Paris, he worked for renowned luxury brands. Nowadays, Etienne develops his fragrances together with friends. His allies are Antoine Lie, Antoine Maisondieu, and Nathalie Feisthauer, all of whom have contributed to famous scent creations.