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Evody Parfums Paris offers a wide range of fragrances based on moods, images, and snapshots. Authentic compositions - created in accordance with the creators' wishes. Evody's beautiful adventure begins with a mother, a girl, and a passion. A name that was not chosen at random. In this context, it tells the story of Evodia, the tree of a hundred thousand flowers, which represents the many new fragrances to come.

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D'Âme De Pique


The D'Eme de Pique fragrances from Evody's Collection d'Ailleurs have been available since 2014 and have a fund based on warm sandalwood and oriental-looking patchouli. Added to this is a pinch of sweet vanilla, which skilfully captures the bitterness of the patchoulis and gently softens it. In the heart note, sensual roses meet the seductive aroma of raspberries. The top note combines the scents of juicy pears and blackcurrants, which give the arrangement an interesting accent with its sweet and sour aroma.

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The Paris Fragrance Workshop

Régine Droin and her daughter Cérine Vasseur, talent finders, opened the first perfume niche in the heart of the VI district in 2006: the store "Evody." A small but lovely shop in the heart of Paris that not only sells exquisite perfumes but also hosts fragrance workshops for those who want to delve into the history of perfume with expert guidance.

A piece of family history

Evody produces high-quality perfumes that are elegant and sophisticated. Because of their extensive experience in the fragrance industry, it goes without saying that only high-quality ingredients are used in the creation of their perfumes. They sell perfumes that look like them and are tailored to their desires and moods. Praised by their customers, Régine and Cérine's first creations quickly become the boutique's best sellers.

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Meet the Perfumer

Régine Droin is the designer behind Evody Parfums. She began her career in the hedonistic field of cosmetics, where she discovered a new passion that she later pursued professionally. Régine was finally allowed to launch an advertising campaign for a Parisian perfumery group, thanks to her extensive knowledge. As a result, her passion for perfume was born, and she founded her own company. She expresses her passion for perfume, its history, and the evocation of sensations in this way.