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FO'AH is an innovative perfume house that produces fresh, provocative scents. The palm tree, revered as the tree of life in Arab countries, is the inspiration for each of these opulent fragrances. Its extraordinary influence is central to the fashionable fragrance collections, lending each fragrance its own identity. The mission of this project is to develop new, untried, and luxurious scents for the perfume industry.

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FO'AH Memoires d'une Palmeraie 17


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The green-woodsy focus of Mémoires d'une Palmeraie - 02 is entrancing, while the floral sweetness of Mémoires d'une Palmeraie - 08 is the focus. However, Mémoires d'une Palmeraie - 11 deftly combines both a green and citrus aesthetic. All of FO'AH's perfumes are unisex and feature unique scents designed to highlight the wearer's individuality. Luxury fragrances from FO'AH have a reputation for being mysterious, sensual, and forward-thinking.

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Perfumes by FO'AH are a synthesis of two cultures, bringing together contemporary French inspiration with the exotic aromas of the Orient. When put together, they produce an emotionally charged aroma that is as cutting edge and futuristic as it is defiant and outgoing. The FO'AH fragrances provide a unique olfactory experience, evoking feelings of love and romance, self-assurance and lightheartedness, sex appeal, and a dash of glamour.

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Émilie Dewell, who grew up close to the French city of Grasse, established the luxury niche label FO'AH. Abdulla Al-Masaood, her husband, is a member of a noble family in Abu Dhabi. For the most part, the fragrances pay homage to the palm tree, and he has been a major (influencer) in shaping their overall design and development. These unique perfumes owe a debt to it. For example, the Arabic word FO'AH, which means "flowering palm tree," does not have a direct English equivalent. Notable as well are the French artisans' hand-cut glass flacons.