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Frapin is a well-known brandy producer that has been successfully distilling cognac for more than 20 generations. In 2002, the great-great-granddaughter of the empire's founder also launched a perfume line. It is something special when a traditional brand departs from its familiar paths and ventures into new territory. Through all of the previous experience, there is something new that inspires. A noble drop that unfolds full-bodied, has a captivating color, and fascinates at first sniff. As a result, the French company is now proud to present its own fragrances, which are inspired by their spirits and their home country.

From cognac to perfumes

It takes time to develop a good cognac, as well as a successful perfume. Both for learning and refining the craft, as well as for locating and selecting raw materials. As a result, frantic pace and mass production have no place at Frapin! The perfumers here have the luxury of expressing their individual style, which gives the products a wonderful palette of different signatures.

The Grande Champagne

Their famous fragrance 1270 is named after the year the Frapin family settled in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France. As a result, the groundwork was laid for a traditional and first-rate family business. Frapin Cognac has been in existence since 1270.

Meet the Perfumer

Béatrice Frapin-Cointreau comes from a distilling family. Her great-grandfather established Cointreau liqueur, and her grandfather established Rémy Martin cognac. She has degrees in perfumery, wine, and marketing, and she worked in public relations before becoming the managing director of Frapin. She has written books in addition to the wonderful perfumes she has created. She took advantage of her family's long tradition to tell her story.