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Fugazzi is an innovative perfume brand with a unique and captivating fragrance collection. It was founded with the aim of offering exceptional olfactory experiences that touch the senses and express individual personalities. The fragrances are developed with great care and attention to detail. The company also emphasizes high-quality ingredients and uses a combination of traditional and modern perfumery techniques to create unique compositions.

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Innovation, creativity and passion

Fugazzi is dedicated to offering exclusive and luxurious fragrances that tell a story and evoke emotions. The brand embodies the idea that fragrances are a form of art that connects people and gives them the opportunity to express their personality and individuality. The brand strives to discover exotic and unusual fragrances and combine them in perfect harmony. For this purpose, each bottle is a work of art that reflects the carefully balanced notes and masterful craftsmanship.

"Fugazi" from the Cyrillic alphabet

The founder recognized the meaning of the word "Fugazi" and its magical effect. He created a unique brand name by mirroring the letter "Д" from the Cyrillic alphabet and changing the spelling while preserving the meaning. This is how the Fugazzi brand was born, embodying the concept that something great can be created from nothing.

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Meet the Creator

Bram Niessink founded the company with inspiration from the use of ancient oils and juices in ancient Egypt. He was particularly impressed by the myth of Cleopatra, who seduced Caesar with her beguiling scent. With his adventurous character and expertise, Bram combined powerful ingredients and ancient techniques to create exquisite fragrances.