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Gas Bijoux

On the heights of Marseille, in the house studio, the spirit of Gas Bijoux reigns. It is flooded with an extraordinary light, lively and inspiring. In this place of creativity, the different talents mix with a common goal: to highlight the constant idea of "Chic Solaire". Gas Bijoux fragrances are like a promise: the promise of a sun that sticks to the skin all year round.

The beaches of Saint Tropez

The history of Gas Bijoux is inextricably linked with that of a family. The first chapter was written at the end of the 60s on the beaches of Saint Tropez. André Gas, a young artist from Marseille who had graduated from the Beaux-Arts school in Paris, was strolling around selling the lucky jewelry he made himself. This story also took place in the sun.

With love for detail

The sense of detail has become the hallmark of the brand. Each Gas Bijoux creation requires many details that convey emotion and tell a story. When asked what makes Gas Bijoux, André Gas often replies, "A comma that makes the difference."

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Meet the creator

André Gas has been pursuing his vision of creating exceptional, handcrafted jewelry since 1969. Combined with the talents of his children, Marie and Oliver, they create incomparable one-of-a-kind pieces with a very special charisma.