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Giardino Benessere

Nature and psychophysical well-being inspire Giardino Benessere. The one-of-a-kind creations go beyond the traditional perfumery mindset and are free of social and commercial influences. They are envisioned as mental "wellness therapy." A new concept of radical "Chic Luxury" that preserves the traditional and concrete values of nature. Perfumes that want to be lived in every breath, rather than just worn, have been created. Nothing is prefabricated here, because true art exists solely in the personality of those who dare to be different. Creativity moves from the house of Benessere directly to the user - an unusual and yet so exciting role reversal!

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Lianne de Greef

Very nice parfum! It comes close to Profumum Aqua di Sale. This one is less sweet. A real good summer sea fragrance! Will order again for next summer.


Giardino Benessere

The best selling product of this brand.


Giardino Benessere

best selling product

Particularly selective perfume

An enticing nectar that elicits feelings of well-being and happiness. It's about the natural expression of valuable, natural woods with strong personalities. Giardino Benessere wishes to break with tradition and explore new areas of design research. These should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also take place on a familiar and yet evolutionary level. A color palette that reflects a person's personality, rather than just a perfume to be worn. An olfactory signature that can be worn on the body as well as used to decorate one's home.

Can be layered in many ways

The fragrances blend beautifully together, creating a new, personalized, and one-of-a-kind scent with each combination. This results in noble and sublime fragrances that unfold naturally and reveal their nature-inspired character. On our journey through the world of perfumes, we've discovered that everyone is unique and wants to express that through the scent of their perfume. A fragrance reflects our personality and mood, as well as conveying personality and emotion.

Meet the Perfumer

Giardino Benessere arose from the creative and visionary fantasies of Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi and is thus Tiziana Terenzi's daughter brand. The Terenzi family business began in 1968, when Evelino Terenzi decided to carry on his father Guglielmo's work. He was already a huge perfume fan at the time, but for the first time, he made a living by making church candles.