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Goldfield and Banks

Goldfield & Banks, an Australian luxury label, promises timeless yet modern perfumes for both sexes. It all started, like so many exciting stories, with a yearning for something new. Dimitri Weber went in search of it and discovered it on the fascinating continent of Australia. The label's goal is to capture what the explorer encounters there in terms of diversity and extraordinary landscape. Joseph Banks, Australia's first botanist, is also remembered. This is reflected not only in the company name, but also in the ongoing search for new and unique Australian flora treasures. The fragrances are intended to transport the wearer to the many wonderful places on this wild continent where the founder allowed his company's ideas to mature.

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Love it. It is aquatic and fresh, but still a bit sweet and woody. Totally unisex and for summer.

Pacific Rock Moss

Goldfield and Banks

Carolina N.

Esperaba un olor más suave y fresco pero tampoco es abrumador, es atalcado, floral, muy llevadero me ha gustado mucho.

Southern Bloom

Goldfield and Banks

A journey of discovery

Each fragrance in the line is made with high-quality raw materials from the Australian landscape. Their extracts are derived from the plants' seeds, woods, flowers, roots, leaves, pods, fruits, and trees. The olfactory experience is enhanced by new facets of well-known plant extracts from around the world.

Made in Australia (Melbourne)

Goldfield & Banks encapsulates the Australian spirit and transports us to far-flung corners of the continent. From the deep blue, bustling coasts to the dense, fragrant forests to the endless, red dusty desert landscapes, there is something for everyone. The aromas transport you to a walk along the Australian coast or a day on Fraser Island.

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Meet the Perfumer

Dimitri Weber, a French-Belgian perfumer, is at the heart of the company. He is the fifth generation of a perfumer dynasty, carrying on the family tradition. Among others, he was able to demonstrate his passion at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Jean Paul Gautier, and Tom Ford. He even got his start in the automotive industry by creating his own fragrance for Smart. Then, in 2017, he finally launched his own business.