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1957, New York Gravel New York, one of the oldest perfume brands still in operation in the United States, was founded in this year by Michael Knudsen. Since then, the brand has witnessed trends while remaining true to its identity. Perfumes that stand the test of time, just like the gravel stones in each bottle. The presence of ladies and gentlemen in suits and double-breasted hats, elegant in their classic way, but also of the emerging youth, uncontrolled and full of vitality, recognized the urban landscape of New York at the time. That very same essence is captured by Gravel perfumes.

The best selling product of this brand.

Across the Ocean


Luxurious and versatile

Across the Ocean by GRAVEL is powerful and long-lasting and gets its unique scent from notes of bergamot, Kashmir wood, and oud, among others. Equally special is the combination of vanilla and the special guaiac wood, which comes from the resin-rich wood of the guaiac tree (also called pock wood or French wood). This gently combines with accents of rose, lime, and tonka bean to create a woody, fresh floral fragrance experience.  

What is behind the fragrance "Across the Ocean"?

Across the Ocean New York 1957 is the second fragrance Michael B. Knudsen designed for Gravel. A passion for craftsmanship and the choicest raw materials form the foundation for an unforgettable perfume. It is an intense and multi-layered fragrance that smells fresh and floral in the beginning and then develops - determined by soft woody notes - on the skin. A perfume that combines classic fragrances in a very unique way and thereby reinterprets them. Michael Knudsen, the founder of GRAVEL created this fragrance in memory of his emigration from Scandinavia to America.  

The GRAVEL bottle

Since the very beginning, each bottle has been filled by hand using only the highest quality ingredients. The gravel in each bottle is the "special something" that gives the fragrance a warm color note over the aging process and elegantly rounds off the perfume - definitely an absolute eye-catcher and a beautiful gem in any perfume collection. Want to learn more about the fragrance? Then take a look here!

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A decade of new beginnings

The initial stage of a long success story begins in 1957, when Michael Knudsen decided to give the first three bottles made as a gift to an NBC editor after completing the fragrance. He passed the F. R. Tripler men's department store (founded in 1886) at 46th and Madison Avenue. For decades, this store was one of the most exclusive in Manhattan.

The power of fate

He intended to sell his perfume in that store, but the sales staff dismissed it as trivial. There happened to be a perfume and drugstore buyer who was passionate about perfumes. As a result, Gravel became a permanent addition to the inventory. Gravel has only been available in the most prestigious stores since then.

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Meet the Perfumer

Gravel fragrances are as distinctive and charismatic as their founder, Michael B. Knudsen. Gravel is a biographical sketch embodied in his perfumes. It all starts with the journey across the ocean from Europe to the New World (Across The Ocean) to pursue the American Dream (American Dream) and ended with creating the first perfume for men in the United States (A Man's Cologne). Since the first bottle of perfume was sold in New York, on 46th Street (46th Street), each bottle is unique due to the addition of gravel from the Hudson River in New York (Hudson River NY).