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HATE ME LOVE ME® is an exceptional luxury label for extravagant, modern and quite provocative fragrances. Each fragrance carries its own message, which definitely remains in the memory. Boredom excluded! The unique and hip perfumes are a mirror of Generation Z - sexy, seductive, willing to take risks, rebellious, always individual and definitely cheeky. At the same time, the fragrances are based on the music, art and events that shape the casual youth of today. Hate me or love me - both are legitimate, as long as the point of view is honestly represented. Sometimes these two feelings are not so far apart.

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Feel Good Lie


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Captivating, trendy and exciting fragrances with carefree lightness

Suicide Blonde is reminiscent of the musical cult classic of the band INXS. Both the song and the fruity-citrusy women's perfume with floral accents are a clear invitation not to be intimidated, but to position yourself far from the mainstream. A frivolous play with charms that helps you get everything you want. Guilty Pleasure, on the other hand, is a woody, warm-spicy and amber fragrance aimed at young and young-at-heart men who love to be loved. It is a soulful perfume that invites flirtation. Urban Legend is a woody-sensual fragrance that combines with citrus and spicy elements - a fragrance experience that helps its wearer to a lively and almost magical charisma.

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Luxury has many facets. In HATE ME LOVE ME® it becomes the symbol of a new, modern, young and energetic society that breaks out of entrenched traditions, realizes itself and goes its own way. Here sex appeal, aesthetics and elegance are mixed. A contradiction? Not at all! The world needs new influences, new creative accents and polarizing impulses. The message: life is simply too short to waste it on mediocrity. It's a matter of savoring every moment to the fullest, enjoying yourself lightheartedly and reinventing yourself again and again. Fierce flirtations, enjoying pleasure, feeling sexy and acting out desires - it is the smooth transition from sensuality to obsession that has gone into these distinctive and stylish fragrances. A chic fragrance sample opens the door to a world of passionate sin and irresistible attraction.

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The company HATE ME LOVE ME® is the result of creative minds of an advertising agency in Vienna. The goal is to develop fascinating fragrances that stimulate the hidden instincts and intoxicate the senses. Mike Arens is the leading head of the team and created the perfumes. The provocative name of the brand is deliberately chosen, because it forces positioning. Angular, edgy, young, dynamic and always different from others - so Hate Me Love Me meets the modern zeitgeist.