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Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfums filters biographies through fine, elegant processes before packaging them in appropriate bottles. All you need is your nose to read it! However, it is not just about people. Their olfactory library contains a wide range of items, including exciting books, epic poems, melodious music, and even operas. The French know-how of Histoires de Parfums' perfume art can be felt in every drop of fragrance. Because the world is full of stories worth reading - stories you can read on your skin.

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A good perfume for vacation

This is not a blue bottle 1.2

Histoires de Parfums

The best selling product of this brand.

This is not a blue bottle 1.2

Histoires de Parfums

best selling product

Finest Storytelling

"Famous people's stories, mythical years, poems, and music." Gérald Ghislain's collection is not bound by any rules other than those of inspiration. He brings his stories to life in perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium, thanks to his endless imagination and wordiness. Histoires de Parfums publishes his fragrances in deluxe editions that ""read on the skin.""

Oriental and Occidental Poetry

"Histoires de Parfums creates scented novels, musical scores, and poetry. In this collection, one will find extraordinary characters as well as the most exquisite materials from the world of perfume. With this library, Gerald Ghislain wanted to evoke stories through fragrances, just as books are written with emotions."

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Meet the Perfumer

Gérald Ghislain, affectionately known as the brand's author, is at the heart of the company. He brings his stories to life and, despite his tradition, enjoys surprising his audience with unusual combinations. He defies the dusty expectations that people associate with the classic perfumer. Ghislain appreciates all of life's pleasures and infuses his daily life with refined luxury. He is extremely curious, eager to learn, and finds inspiration in his travels and encounters.