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Initio presents itself as a young French company whose noble luxury perfumes are based on ancient alchemy and traditional manufacturing processes. The fragrances initiate a fun game that engages in emotional perception and entices with the irresistible effect of potent aphrodisiacs. Initio is a Latin word that has two meanings. On the one hand, it means "from the beginning" and describes the origins of perfumery, whose fragrances possessed a natural magical and healing power. On the other hand, it means "to initiate" and expresses the idea that a fragrance's wearer experiences its animal power and mysterious powers of love with all of her senses.

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Susana Redondo

Fabulous, ultra feminine, powerfull, so in loveeee with this fragrance. Not to mention the amount of compriments I get every time I´m using it. Will bus a full bottle soon for sure.

Atomic Rose



Love it! Super creamy cosy sandalwood and even if it's not listed it smells distinctly cinnamon to me, perfect for fall.




A boozy gourmand perfume - sexy, sultry, quite loud and statement making, great for dates, parties and evenings out. Best for cooler months. Great silage- you will be noticed! P.S. Excellent service by Yuniqu!

Side Effect



One of the best and most intoxicating and sensual vanillas out there! Couldn't reccomend it enough!

Absolute Aphrodisiac



Musk Therapy


The best selling product of this brand.

Oud for Greatness


best selling product

Samples and bottles: precious perfume creations for women

Initio brings together master perfumers and chemists who collaborate closely. They have a lot of leeway when it comes to creating a new perfume, and their budget is unlimited. Thus, the most precious raw materials are used to create Initio's luxury perfumes, which have an aroma that gives the wearer of the fragrance an optimistic and happy aura or a passionate and seductive aura. As a result, Initio perfumes create a desire to know, try, and own all fragrances. We provide perfume samples to help you find the perfect fragrance.

Five fragrance collections

So far, Initio has released five fragrant perfume collections. "The Absolutes" is based on ancient formulas and evokes the power of rare, natural ingredients. The "Magnetic Blends" collection has an animalic scent that is created by artificially replicating natural pheromones like ambergris and musk. "Carnal Blends" emphasizes a strong seductive power with a floral fragrance note and the fragrance molecule Hedion, while the "Hedonist Collection" celebrates pleasure and new beginnings. The "Black Gold Project" collection includes the two popular fragrances "Oud for Greatness" and "Oud for Happiness," which are among the brand's best-selling scents.

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Meet the Perfumer

Nadia founded Initio Parfums Privés in 2015. (creative director). Until today, the French founder did not reveal her last name or professional background to the general public. She did not place herself in the spotlight, but rather her products, which smell like optimus and happiness, passion and seduction. Nadia regards fragrances as a magical and powerful tool that appeals to each person's feelings and subconscious. The goal of the founder is to create luxury perfumes with a positive aura and aphrodisiac power.