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Jacques Zolty

Jacques Zolty is a free spirit, and his fragrances are passionate, life-affirming, and extremely romantic. In his limited edition perfumes, he interprets impressions gained on his travels, particularly on his adopted home island of Saint-Barthélemy. Each fragrance is an unmistakable declaration of love for nature, freedom, and a carefree, relaxed way of life. His creations combine exquisite nuances that have the overall composition of a poem. Jacques Zolty's extravagant perfumes are a declaration of love for the sunny and exclusive Caribbean lifestyle. Leonella, a luxury perfume by Jacques Zolty, is one of his most popular fragrances. This seductive unisex fragrance begins with top notes of fruity notes, lovely jasmine, and broom. In the heart, you'll find gardenia, ylang-ylang, and brown sugar. The base of this elegant fragrance experience is rounded out with nuances of soft amber and patchouli. The interplay of the delicately coordinated fragrance notes creates a perfume that reflects the paradisiacal island's breathtaking beauty and joie de vivre."

The best selling product of this brand.


Jacques Zolty

best selling product

Noble fragrances with Caribbean flair - summer, sun, beach and sea

Jacques Zolty's elegant perfumes are as diverse as life itself. Private Session for ladies with gourmand-sweet influences or the unisex fragrance Cubata with its spicy-woody orientation give the wearer a seductive and mysterious aura with a dash of playfulness. The noble perfumes from the Parfums de Havane range are reminiscent of a refreshing rain on a hot summer day. The loving and stimulating fragrances of Jacques Zolty definitely bear their own unmistakable signature

Experience the scent of the Caribbean lifestyle with a sample

Jacques Zolty's luxury perfumes are true works of perfume art. Individual components made of high-quality raw materials are brought together in delicate manual work and coordinated with sensitivity. The perfume of Jacques Zolty is released only when everything corresponds to his ideas and the desired feeling of life arises when applying the fragrance. We provide samples for testing in order for you to get to know and love Jacques Zolty's distinctive fragrances. As a result, the character of each fragrance created by this exceptional perfumer can be tested on your own skin and internalized at your leisure.

Meet the Perfumer

In the 1970s, Jacques Zolty, a charismatic photographer, author, and jetsetter, traveled the world, soaking in the atmospheres of energetic, vibrant big cities as well as the charm of small places where he found peace and relaxation. Finally, he lost his heart on St. Barthélemy, a small French Antilles island. Since 1983, he has called this enchanting Caribbean paradise his home. Here, he creates exclusive fragrances for women, men, and unisex that reflect the island's attitude toward life and nature. Each perfume tells its own story and is a tribute to the sun-drenched island's breathtaking beauty and the joie de vivre of its inhabitants.