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Le Galion

Le Galion is a traditional brand that has become one of France's most respected perfume houses since its inception in 1930. Paul Vacher's fragrances won the hearts of ladies and stylish gentlemen alike, particularly during the 1950s, when the French perfume industry was at its peak. Even today, Le Galion manages to bridge the gap between the past and the present with creations such as Cuir or Eau Noble - both in the unisex perfume segment.

Noble flacons of the traditional brand

To achieve its full effect, a sensual fragrance requires an appropriate flacon and a matching logo. The impressive galleons that once sailed the seas inspired the Paris-based company Le Galion in terms of appearance. The flacons of the perfume luxury brand are designed with the same nobility as the ships. Even the ship-shaped logo is reminiscent of the time when European ships crossed the seas in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Le Galion samples

Samples of the exclusive luxury brand are a great way to have all of the Le Galion fragrances under consideration at home, and thus find your favorite scent. Another advantage is that you can use different fragrances for different occasions. Thus, a traditional, sensual fragrance may be appropriate for the evening, whereas a modern unisex fragrance may be appropriate for the day. Furthermore, fragrance samples save you money and help you avoid making bad purchases. As a result, many of the popular luxury brand's fragrances are also available as samples.

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Conosci il Profumiere

Paul Vacher, a French master perfumer, created the traditional fragrances of the luxury brand Le Galion. During the height of the French perfume industry, he also created a number of important fragrances for well-known perfume houses. When Paul Vacher died unexpectedly in 1975, his daughter took over the company, which was eventually sold in the early 1980s. The traditional house only blossomed again in 2014, when the decision was made to reintroduce the popular fragrances.