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Les Bains Guerbois

Les Bains Guerbois is a prestigious luxury label specializing in unique unisex perfumes. Each perfume represents a specific era in the history of Les Bains Guerbois. They are perfumes that perfectly combine tradition and modernity, reinterpreting and reflecting the changing times. These fragrances take you on a journey through history, from charming and inspiring to wild and casual to contemporary and visionary.

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1992 Purple Night

Les Bains Guerbois

best selling product

It's time to go back in time, with the irresistible perfumes of Les Bains Guerbois.

1900 L'Heure de Proust impresses with floral-fruity elements. An appetizing good mood fragrance that makes you want more. It fits perfectly into the milder seasons. 1978 Les Bains Douches, on the other hand, presents itself with spicy-woody notes. Due to its intensity, it is particularly suitable for the evening or special events. With powdery and woody fragrance notes, 1979 New Wave attracts attention. An all-around perfume that adapts the music of the neo-romantic, goth and wave era with tangy and warm fragrance accords. 2013 Résidence d'Artistes arouses curiosity with spicy and floral notes. At work or at leisure - this perfume always fits.

A fragrance tasting on the trail of the artists

The house Les Bains Guerbois works with renowned perfumers such as Michel Almairac, Fanny Bal, Jérôme Epinette and Dominique Ropion. Through the wealth of experience of each creative creator, each fragrance carries its own unique signature. It is the variety of notes and the refined coordination of elements that give the perfumes their distinctive and innovative character. With an exclusive fragrance sample, the modern interpretation of the historical moments of Les Bains Guerbois can be experienced and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Meet the Creator

It was the temple of beauty - when François Auguste Guerbois founded the Spa Les Bains Guerbois in 1885, he wanted to offer the rich and beautiful of society a wellness oasis of well-being. Artists such as Monet, Renoir and Proust met here. In 1978, the house underwent a spectacular transformation, becoming one of the hottest and most famous nightclubs in the world. In 2015, the original charm was revived, in which it was transformed into an elegant 5-star hotel. Jean-Pierre Marois was heir to this prestigious establishment. He founded Les Bains Guerbois and launched the first fragrance in 2016. In collaboration with renowned perfumers, he has been developing luxury fragrances since 2017, each reflecting a particular phase and thus the transformation of the house. Les Bains Guerbois perfumes are thus a fragrant journey through an eventful and multifaceted history.