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Les Eaux Primordiales

In a picturesque forest park near Arras stands a historic castle that was owned by the Société d'Exploitation des Mines de Charbon du Nord Pas de Calais in 1850. It was here that Arnaud Poulain not only discovered history, but also the inspiration for a new chapter in French luxury craftsmanship: Les Eaux Primordiales. The brand is characterized by stylish flacons, fascinating fragrance compositions and a passionate philosophy. Their unique approach to perfumery results in fragrances that have a rebellious aura all of their own.

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Ambre Superfluide

Les Eaux Primordiales

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Water as the source of life

"Les Eaux Primordial" originates from Jules Verne's idea of water that represents the original sources of life on earth. Arnaud Poulain finally transformed this vision into a brand using his knowledge of engineering science. His fascination with quantum physics, an overactive mind and a long-standing passion for fragrances have resulted in a brand that takes us on a journey through the spheres of "Les Eaux Primordial".

Fascinating fragrance craftsmanship - Made in France

The brand is guided by fundamental principles to shape its unique philosophy. Precision plays a central role, with the creation of fragrances viewed as an engineering-like process. Each ingredient is treated as a precise cog in a clockwork mechanism. Modernity is another key element, drawing inspiration from various sources such as minimalism, brutalism and modernism. Another central principle is haute parfumerie. This places high demands on the art of perfume production. This includes the use of the finest ingredients and the development of proprietary maturing processes. The aim is to create exceptional fragrances that stand out for their quality and uniqueness.

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Meet the Creator

Les Eaux Primordiales reflects the ingenious creativity of a modern artist. Inspired by the depths of the oceans and the original sources of life on our planet, this brand demonstrates the boundless curiosity of its creator, Arnaud Poulain. Already in his early years, he was fascinated by the secrets of quantum physics and studied mechanical engineering.