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Les Soeurs de Noé

Les Soeurs de Noe perfumes take you on an enchanting olfactory journey, whisking you away to far-off lands and immersing you in a world of wonder. Inspired by the vibrant cultures and diverse traditions of different regions, each fragrance tells a captivating story that lingers in the air. From the alluring blend of exotic spices found in Marrakech Nights to the delicate and blossoming floral notes of Provence Dawn, Les Soeurs de Noe perfumes are a symphony of scents that awaken your senses and transport you to extraordinary moments. What truly sets Les Soeurs de Noe perfumes apart is their dedication to using the finest natural ingredients. The brand embraces sustainable practices and collaborates with local producers to source top-quality botanicals, ensuring an exceptional olfactory experience while prioritizing environmental consciousness. With Les Soeurs de Noe perfumes, you embark on a sensorial adventure that knows no boundaries, celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity. Allow these exquisite fragrances to become an integral part of your personal journey, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever your path may lead.

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Citrus Poetry

Les Soeurs de Noé

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The Oud Rose fragrance by Les Soeurs de Noe combines the rich and exotic aroma of oud with the gentle delicacy of rose. The fragrance begins with a blast of fresh, fruity notes like pear and raspberry before relaxing into a center of opulent oud and rose. This intriguing and refined fragrance has a warm and seductive base of vanilla and musk. Les Soeurs de Noe's Call Me Iris perfume combines soft and powdery iris notes with fresh and energetic accents. The fragrance begins with dazzling bergamot and zesty lemon, which match the floral and earthy center of iris nicely. The perfume is warm and seductive because to the underlying notes of vanilla and musk. Call Me Iris is ideal for folks who appreciate a classic and refined scent."

A symphony of scents that awaken your senses and transport you to extraordinary moments.

Les Soeurs de Noe symbolizes the unbreakable tie that unites the Orient with the West, a connection between two civilizations with histories and traditions as varied and fascinating as their own. In addition, the brand is founded on a profound appreciation for its base materials and the laborers who bring them to life. The magic and feelings evoked by Les Soeurs de Noe highlight the excellent acting of everybody involved in the making of these fragrances.

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With her magnificent compositions, Nadia Benaisa, the inspirational founder of Les Soeurs de Noe, has revolutionised the fragrance industry. Nadia incorporates her Moroccan ancestry into each smell, as she has a strong respect for art, culture, and storytelling. Her rigorous attention to detail and dedication to environmentally friendly procedures result in intriguing fragrances that honor heritage while embracing technology. Les Soeurs de Noe has become a hallmark of elegance and authenticity in the world of perfumery because to Nadia's enthusiasm and inventiveness.