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Liquides Imaginaires

Liquides Imaginaires is a well-known niche brand for exclusive luxury fragrances that not only excite the senses but also caress the soul. The elegant fragrances present themselves as powerful yet emotional, visionary and energetic, pleasantly striking and memorable. They are noble perfumes that tell stories and allow images to run through the inner eye. The full-bodied aromas boost self-esteem, elicit passionate emotions, and surround the wearer in a sensual, seductive, and mysterious aura. All Liquides Imaginaires perfumes have above-average longevity and sillage.

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Tetiana B.

Пахнет шампанским, очень стойкий парфюм!

Dom Rosa

Liquides Imaginaires

The best selling product of this brand.

Désert Suave

Liquides Imaginaires

best selling product

Noble perfumes that smell of love, life, angels and dreams

All fragrances from the house of Liquides Imaginaires are united by a smoky base, which has a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind. The ulterior motive is ritual ceremonies in which various spicy elements are burned and the intense aromas have a positive influence on the life of the soul. These are fascinating scents that are very close to heaven. Dom Rosa's fruity-floral unisex scent enchants the senses and invites you to daydream. The Desert Suave, on the other hand, entices with spicy-sweet notes and exudes human warmth and tender love. The massive and stylish glass flacons of the collections are uniform and minimalist in design. The vibrant colors, on the other hand, give an idea of how the extravagant fragrances can be.

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The beguiling Liquides Imaginaires fragrances require a great deal of patience, empathy, and tact to create. Master perfumers and designers with forward-thinking impulses collaborate closely to allow the precious raw materials to interact and unfold with one another. The character and effect of the noble fragrance compositions can be discovered and extensively tested using a sample.

Meet the Perfumer

Under the direction of Philippe di Meo, Liquides Imaginaires brings to the market unique perfumes that clearly stand out from the mainstream, inspired by classical history and diverse cultures from Egypt to France to Greece. Originally reserved for the upper crust of society, the exotic, luxurious, and stimulating perfumes are now available to all ladies and gentlemen. Each fragrance concept is composed of many small enticing jewels that, like a delicate mosaic, come together to form a beautiful and artistic overall picture.