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Lorenzo Villoresi

The perfume house of Lorenzo Viloresi was founded in 1990. The company headquarters is a 15th-century Venetian palazzo in the hills of Florence that has most likely always belonged to the Viloresi family. The perfumer is best known for his one-of-a-kind fragrances created for each customer. This one-of-a-kindness, of course, always attracts well-heeled new customers from all over the world, who are treated as if they are royalty in that palazzo.

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I really love this perfume. I will always keep it in my collection and use it when I have my girly days.

Teint De Neige

Lorenzo Villoresi

The best selling product of this brand.

Teint De Neige

Lorenzo Villoresi

best selling product

The fragrances of philosopher Lorenzo Viloresi

His fragrance names are inspired by his knowledge of philosophy, which dates back to ancient Greece, as well as his travel experiences. For instance, the fragrance name 'Iperborea' translates to 'Hyperborea' in German. From Greek religion and mythology, this is a legendary, distant, sunny land. According to legend, the Hyperboreans lived there. The fragrance 'Yerbamate,' on the other hand, was inspired by a spicy Lebanese tea drink that originated in South America.

The flacons - colorful and elegant

The hexagonal base of Lorenzo Viloresi's flacons. The flacons’ geometric shape demonstrates a simple aesthetic and elegance that is timeless modern and also ensures a firm stand. The flacon's shape makes it easy to grip and comfortable to hold. The silver-colored closure repeats the shape, creating a noble overall impression. To distinguish the individual fragrances, each flacon is given a different color.

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Meet the Perfumer

Lorenzo Viloresi was born in 1956 in Florence. He first traveled for a long time after successfully completing his studies in philosophy. His travels took him mostly to the Middle East. On these journeys, he was fascinated by the various desert regions, which despite their sparse vegetation provided him with a potpourri of scents. These impressions of different countries and cultures sparked his creativity and sparked the idea of creating unique fragrances.