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Lunio is a young and dynamic niche brand for a luxury fragrance of a special kind. The unisex fragrance is modern, stylish and casual. It is the passion and the current zeitgeist that inspired the perfumer to this extraordinary perfume creation Lunio. Youthful lightness meets a carefree lifestyle here for those who want to position themselves far away from the mainstream.

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Neroli Nostrum


best selling product

The motto: Perfumes are a form of art

Initially, Lunio's debut fragrance was only available in Spain, but the perfume has since generated so much attention that it is also available in other countries through selected distribution channels. Through effective presentation on social networks, the creative team has quickly made a name for itself. It is a fragrance by young, ambitious people for young and young-at-heart people who are decisively influencing and changing the world today. A strong concept with a clear message.

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Time is changing, and with it the demands on a luxurious fragrance have also changed. Dusty formulas have had their day - now it's time to develop fragrances that reflect youthful lightheartedness and a relaxed lifestyle. Lunio have made it their mission to meet precisely these requirements. New, different, creative - with a touch of Mediterranean lifestyle and many sensual and mysterious influences.

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Lunio was founded by two friends who live their passion for exclusive fragrances. Antonio is a perfume lover and shares his passion through his YouTube channel "Fragranceando". Antonio and Luis developed the desire to create a very special perfume brand, where honesty, minimalism and quality are the values that set the guidelines. Daniel Josier, one of the most renowned perfumers in the world of niche perfumes, where one of Daniel's principles is to only create perfumes if he is truly convinced that innovation in perfumes is at the height of his creative virtuosity and the high quality of their ingredients. Daniel Josier is the creator of Lunio's first exclusive fragrance, Neroli Nostrum.