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Maison Matine

"Modern, innovative, sustainable, and affordable are the four pillars of Maison Matine's philosophy - beyond Paris. The new French creative fragrance line deliberately distances itself from Parisian luxury perfume and creates exquisite fragrances even for the smallest purse. Individual fragrances are packaged in elegant glass flacons that both inspire and seduce with their lovingly designed applications and novel fragrance creations. Maison Matine perfume is distinguished by its detailed graphic presentation, long-term production, and reasonable prices. The collection includes nine exclusive perfumes in playful and fun glass bottles. Matine is a combination of the French words ""meutine"" (rebellion) and ""matin"" (morning) and encourages people to try something new every day. Maison Matine's enticing fragrances reflect today's complex and contradictory society, inviting us to consciously enjoy the small moments in everyday life."

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Avant L'Orage

Maison Matine

best selling product

The fragrance of our time

Away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and the luxury addiction, Maison Matine transports us to the origins. The seductive fragrances entice you to experience life through all of your senses. Luxury does not have to be expensive: the noble fragrances are also available in smaller sample sizes for you to try and enjoy. The small works of art are completed by loving and creative design, ensuring a truly unique fragrance experience.

Individual and innovative

Maison Matine's sophisticated perfumes accentuate rather than dominate individuality. The entire fragrance collection is androgynously characterized, making it especially innovative and boundary-pushing. Through its interaction with the body, the subtle fragrance creates a one-of-a-kind composition. The extraordinary fragrances, such as Into the Wild, Warni Warni, and Esprit de Contradiction, are as unique as their wearers.

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Meet the Perfumer

The exquisite perfumes were created by Marie and Arthur, two Frenchmen who previously worked in a communications agency. In their impressive creations, the two freedom seekers are constantly on the lookout for the link between quality and generosity, boldly breaking existing conventions.