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Maison Micallef

Maison Micallef is a family-owned business that specializes in the creation of beautiful and romantic fragrances. Maison Micallef fragrances have firmly established themselves in the world of luxury perfumes, with seductive nuances and exotic accords. Maison Micallef's fragrances for women, men, and unisex always envelop their wearers in a fascinating aura. Every Maison Micallef perfume demonstrates meticulous attention to detail and a flair for delicate compositions. The premium quality of these elegant and equally passionate fragrances is emphasized by their above-average durability and sillage.

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Stunning fragrance ! There's sweetness but held back, gourmand borderline. Lasts very long on my skin, 8-10 hours and has an arms-lenght of projection.


Maison Micallef



Maison Micallef

The best selling product of this brand.


Maison Micallef

best selling product

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Creating a new luxury fragrance necessitates a wide range of creative influences, from master perfumers with impeccable noses to chemists and creative designers with futuristic visions. Budgets for development are limitless. Only the highest quality raw materials are used to provide the perfume's wearer with a euphoric sense of life and stimulating emotions. Maison Micallef's noble fragrances arouse the desire to learn about and test all of these perfumes. As a result, we provide samples of the various fragrances. This is an excellent method for determining your new favorite perfume.

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Maison Micallef's fragrances each have their own distinct signature. Each perfume is a love tribute. While Maison Micallef's Ananda, with its floral-fruity orientation, beckons you to take a vacation, Sensual and Delice from the Secrets of Love collection are clearly dedicated to mysterious and tender emotions. Ylang in Gold, on the other hand, is a happy-go-lucky fragrance that is both playful and full of life. The collection is a vibrant complex mix of inspiring poetry.

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Meet the Perfumer

In 1996, Martine Micallef and her husband Geoffrey Nejman established their first small business in Châteauneuf-Grasse. They released their first perfume, "Sashka," just one year later. Within 15 years, the two were able to grow and expand their business. Even a branded boutique would open in Gasse, the perfume capital of the world. Geoffrey is the team's visionary. He is primarily in charge of the enthralling fragrance compositions. Martine, on the other hand, is the creative designer who devotes a great deal of time and effort to giving each fragrance the appropriate exterior.