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Maison Noir

Maison Noir is a fantastic niche label that specializes in opulent, luxurious perfumes. Because each perfume has its own story, the noble unisex fragrances pique the imagination. The concept: An exquisite townhouse with many rooms, behind whose doors unexpected worlds emerge. Maison Noir scents have their own distinct and recognizable signature. As a result, each fragrance provides an emotional, romantic, sensual, and seductive experience.

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Volantis 685

Maison Noir

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Maison Noir welcomes you on an olfactory journey

Bohemia 265 is a citrus-woody scent that opens with tangy notes and gradually develops a very warm, loving character. Alter Ego 786, on the other hand, is fascinating with fruity, spicy, and woody notes. Vibrant saffron, raspberry liqueur, and cinnamon provide an unforgettable olfactory experience. With its refreshing, stimulating, and marine accords, Vertigo 236 provides an especially powerful and stimulating start. Seductive and voluptuous notes enhance the entire sense of the exquisite and one-of-a-kind perfume as the fragrance unfolds.

A perfume sample leads to the discovery of a new favorite perfume

Creating an opulent luxury perfume for Maison Noir is a true devotion, not a profession. Master perfumers combine the finest essences and high-quality oils to each other with delicate handwork and empathy. This produces an olfactory image that arouses desires, inspires you to fantasize, and portrays the sheer joy of life. The new noble scent can be discovered in peace and quiet and in a relaxing setting with an exclusive fragrance tasting. It's like a first date, softly approaching each other, the heartbeat quickens, only to be turned into love by tingling feelings.

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Meet the Creator

David Weber, an investment banker, and Claudio Denz, who had previously spent many years crafting high-quality scents for Jaguar, Lalique, and Bentley, formed Maison Noir. They intended to have a significant impact on the perfume industry by working together. Maison Noir's self-proclaimed mission is to inspire those who wear it. As a result, the two creative minds created "The Gateway to Olfactive Journey," a fictional home full of secrets. When you enter this house, you'll see a lot of colorful doors, and behind each one is a scent experience that tells its own story. The beautiful scents pay tribute to old French perfumers, fusing modernity and nostalgia in a sophisticated and aromatic style. Maison Noir perfumes are designed in Switzerland and manufactured in France.