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Maison Rebatchi

"Maison Rebatchi is a relatively new brand, with its first fragrance released in 2018. The well-known fragrances were developed in collaboration with well-known perfumers such as Nathalie Feisthauer and Randa Hammami.Mohammed Rebatchi, like many perfumers, was inspired by his surroundings and memories. As a result, the fragrances reflect his Algerian heritage and the contrast with his childhood in a Parisian suburb. Maison Rebatchi specializes in high-quality, elegant fragrances that are both contemporary and classic."

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Happy rose that is extremely easy to wear

Rose Rebatchi

Maison Rebatchi


Stunning fragrance for osmanthus fans

Joyeux osmanthe

Maison Rebatchi

The best selling product of this brand.

Musc panache

Maison Rebatchi

best selling product

Artful flacons by Pierre and Jules Dinand.

The elegant flacons designed by Pierre and Jules Dinand add to the elegance of Maison Rebatchi's fragrances. It is also intended to express the founder's origins as well as the perfume house's French roots. The timeless, simple shape, combined with delicate, elegant petals distributed across the entire bottle, creates this in a one-of-a-kind way.

Maison Rebatchi Samples

Maison Rebatchi samples are a great way to test several fragrances from the brand or to have at home to be able to vary daily and, by chance, find your own favorite scent. Furthermore, the investment is lower, and you avoid making bad purchases. As a result, we have many fragrances from the well-known luxury brand available as samples, including the spring-like fragrance "Joyeux Osmanthe" and the warm spicy fragrance "Feu Patchouli.".

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"The story of Mohamed Rebatchi, the founder of the perfume house Maison Rebatchi, is not your typical one. A young French-Algerian man grows up in a working-class suburb north of Paris, and he has a great passion: he loves perfume! With the help of some big names in the perfume industry, he manages to make his dream a reality, creating the famous luxury brand Maison Rebatchi and making it known all over the world."