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Maison Sybarite

Maison Sybarite is a niche brand known for its distinct and enticing luxury fragrances that touch and pamper both the heart and soul. The highlight: each perfume is based on pure water, alcohol is completely dispensed with. The touching fragrances tell their own stories, which revolve around the tranquility, beauty and power of nature. It is a matter of savoring life and giving wings to one's thoughts. Light-hearted, loving and self-confident - making every day a very special experience. The women's and unisex fragrances have firmly established themselves in the world of fine fragrances, because they cleverly emphasize the individuality of its wearers.

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Maison Sybarite

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Pure water-based: elegant perfumes that celebrate the beauty of nature

The perfume is unisex. Amber Glaze is a floral-spicy fragrance that soothes the senses with oriental, creamy, and powdery notes. Spicy Calabria, on the other hand, is a floral-woody noble composition that envelops its wearers in a distinct, sensual, and mysterious aura. Each fragrance reflects a closeness to nature and allows the imagination to flow freely and uninhibitedly. Maison Sybarite flacons are elegantly and simply designed - classic and lovely.

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The creation of such an exquisite perfume, based on pure water, necessitates patience, tact, empathy, and a sense of harmony. Nature is the focal point - this is the message that Maison Sybarite's luxurious fragrances convey with their full-bodied aromas. Only natural and high-quality raw materials are used, which are then artistically fine-tuned to create a dynamic, stylish, and energetic overall image. We provide samples of these extraordinary fragrances so that you can test, experience, and fully enjoy these delightful perfumes in a private setting.

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Meet the Creator

Annabel Dragan and Katia Milo founded Maison Sybarite in 2016. The two forward-thinking creative minds set out to create exquisite luxury fragrances in a pure water base - completely alcohol-free. The concept of being modern and environmentally friendly was successful. In Paris, they learned the delicate craft from master perfumer Antione Lie. Maison Sybarite is set to take the market by storm in 2019. Herodotus, a Greek historian who lived around 480 BC, inspired the perfume brand's name. He described Sybaris, a city in what is now Calabria, Italy, as a powerful metropolis whose residents lived in luxury, wealth, and prosperity.