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Molinard is a traditional company that has made a name for itself with elegant luxury fragrances all over the world. The exclusive fragrances play with your senses, inviting you to unwind, linger, and dream. It's a game full of romance, levity, passion, and sensual love. The refined fragrance compositions arouse emotions while subtly emphasizing the individual personalities of ladies and gentlemen. Each perfume is dedicated to a specific theme and tells its own story about it. The exquisite aromas uplift the soul, increasing happiness and self-esteem.

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Bellatrix Lestrange

Very beautiful soft duet, very good for fall and winter.

Vanilla Patchouli



Very fresh and lively scent, perfect for humid hot days and vacation trip. Beautiful fragrance for those who love fig centered fragrances,



Susana B.

Aun no he recibido el pedido. He puesto una incidencia en Correos pues aparece que el paquete ha sido entregado el dia 8-4-2020 y yo no lo he recogido.

Citrus Noir


Raffaella M.

I love pachuly and I love vanilla. A marriage made in heaven! The accord takes a turn towards a sweet tobacco scent but not too much. Lovely for the autumn/winter. Unisex.

Vanilla Patchouli


The best selling product of this brand.



best selling product

Exquisite fragrances that stimulate the emotions

Molinard shines with an almost limitless selection of perfumes for men, women, and both. Ambre is a spicy-sweet unisex fragrance that surrounds its wearer in a fascinating, almost magical aura. Vanille Patchouli, on the other hand, stands out for its sweet-gourmand leanings. Molinard's Vanilla focuses on the lovely and appetizing spice. These are fragrances that pique your interest and leave you wanting more.

With a sample to the new favorite fragrance of Molinard

Because of the company's long history, Molinard's creative perfumers and designer visionaries shine with experience values that only a few producers of exceptional fragrances can boast. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the delicate handwork that results in aromatic fragrance works of art. We provide Molinard fragrance samples so that the unfolding, effect, and response to the noble perfumes can be thoroughly tested and enjoyed in a peaceful and private setting. The flacons reflect the messages of the fragrance compositions - sometimes simple and elegant, sometimes elaborate and opulent, but always stylish and appealing.

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Meet the Perfumer

"Molinard has a long history that dates back to 1849. The company relocated and firmly established itself in Grasse, a southern French town surrounded by countless flower fields - right in the heart of intoxicating fragrances and sensual aromas. While noble fragrances and essences were once reserved only for the high nobility and celebrities, the fascinating perfumes are now available to everyone. Meanwhile, Molinard is run by the fifth generation, and it is difficult to imagine the world of luxury perfumes without it. "