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The mission of Nejma is to create stunning luxury fragrances that enchant the senses and stimulate the imagination. Oriental stories of love, beauty, grace, and longing inspire Nejma's elegant, sensual, seductive, and mysterious perfumes. Each fragrance has its own story to tell, it's own little work of art, and it's like a precious little jewel. The fragrance compositions, created with love, elicit emotions and highlight the wearer's distinct personality.

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Sweet fruity Scent with Eastern execution

Le Parfum D'Alice


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best selling product

Distinctive fragrances that take you to other worlds

With impressive fragrance experiences, Nejma succeeds in touching the soul. The niche luxury brand has firmly established itself in the world of extravagant perfumes with women's, men's, and unisex fragrances. With floral, spicy, and sweet notes, Koeptys is a fascinating men's fragrance that awakens emotions and ignites an inner fire. The delicate interplay of individual chords is what creates a symphony from single notes or a loving poem from single words.

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The creation of a new fragrance for Nejma is a delicate and time-consuming task. Marie Lise Bischoff collaborated with master perfumer Jean Niel to bring her extraordinary perfume vision to life. Only the finest and highest quality essences, oils, and raw materials are processed at this facility. It takes a lot of empathy, gut instinct, and a distinct visionary way of thinking. The imposing fragrance unfolds as intended by its creator only when all factors mesh like small gears. We provide exclusive fragrance samples so that you can experience this for yourself. In this manner, the perfume's attention to detail and effect can be tested, experienced, and enjoyed in a quiet setting.

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Meet the Perfumer

Nejma Perfumes was founded by Marie Lise Bischoff. She attended a reading of an oriental fairy tale while on a trip to the Far East. Nejma, a beautiful and charming woman, was the main character. Marie Lise Bischoff was inspired by the love story to create an entire perfume line, with Nejma serving as her muse. Throughout the series, oud serves as the foundation upon which the unique fragrance creations are built. Each fragrance should be regarded as a precious jewel - fascinating, radiant, and endearing. They are fragrances that bring out the best in everyone and place them in the spotlight they deserve.